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Expand your network of contacts with Peruvian and Canadian companies with which you can establish a commercial and strategic relationship. Be part of an exclusive network of leading sectors that are the pillars of our economy such as education, mining, infrastructure and energy.



Improve Your Relationships. We bring you closer to our partners and potential customers, leading to interact effectively in designated dynamic spaces.


Useful and Valuabable Information.Content submitted by exhibitors and / or opinion leaders who develop the politic and economic agenda in Peru.


Contributing to Your Training. We give discounts on courses, seminars and workshops that contribute to the management of your company.



Category of Memberships

Descuento disponible hasta el 31 de diciembre del 2017

Category Registration fee (one time) Annual fee* Requirements
A S/.850.00 S/.3,500.00 Sales up to US$10 million annually or
total investment up to US$ 20 million
in Perú.
B S/.750.00 S/.2,800.00 Sales between US$ 5 and US$ 10 million
annually or total investment
less than US$ 20 million
in Peru
C S/.550.00 S/.2,100.00 Sales less than US$ 5million annually
or total investment
less than US$ 10 million
in Peru.
D S/.450.00 S/.1,300.00 Natural person, government
agencies NGO’S and educational
E US$170.00 US$320.00 Foreign persons or companies
not domiciled in Peru.

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