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Our education platforms have proven to be successful networking spaces for Peru´s most prestigious educational centers since it is there that they are able to establish meaningful connections and obtain significant market knowledge.

Academic Missions

We organize academic visits in Canada to Government entities, private companies, universities, and global events. This platform targets undergraduate and postgraduate students.



  • Learn more about the level of demand for his or her field of studies in the labor market.
  • Be able to establish more contacts and enrich their resume.
  • Be able to take advantage of a complete program jam-packed with strategic visits.
  • Experience a short cultural and academic excursion.
  • Receive a certificate of participation from the CPCC.

Educational Missions

We organize strategic visits in order to connect Peruvian and Canadian educational institutions with each other, with Government entities, with private companies and with universities.



  • Effective networking.
  • Comprehensive schedules that include visits and strategy meetings.
  • Partnership opportunities.
  • Joint cooperation.


Education Programs in Canada

We offer different language improvement programs (English and French) as well as an academic and professional experience (Co-ops) in Canada.



  • Certificate of participation provided by an educational institution and the CPCC.
  • Language improvement through life experience.
  • Living temporarily in the third country with the best quality of life in the world.
  • Canadian education meets the highest academic standards.


Programas de corta duración

Programas con instituciones líderes canadienses:

  1. Programa de inglés online, presencial y con opción de pathway

  2. Programa de francés online, presencial y con opción de pathway

  3. Summer & Winter language camps

  4. Asesorías personalizadas de programas educativos 



  • Educación canadiense con altos estándares académicos

  • Perfeccionamiento del idioma de inglés o francés, de manera presencial o virtual

  • Oportunidad de cumplir con el requisito de idiomas (inglés o francés) para poder ingresar a un college o universidad canadiense, por medio de un programa de pathway