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Conestoga College: the beginning of life in Canada

Conestoga College: the beginning of life in Canada



Jennyfer Ahumada is from Colombia and alumni of the Strategic Marketing Communications program at Conestoga College. She shared her experience as an international student, why she chose Conestoga for her studies in Canada, and her transition to the Canadian job market.


1. Why did you choose Conestoga College for your postgraduate studies?


When I began searching for where and what academic program to study, I knew perfectly well that I wanted a polytechnic and high-quality education to help me reinforce and combine my previous knowledge as a master's graduate in Journalism. And this could only be provided by Conestoga. For this reason, I chose Conestoga College, the only college in the Ontario region offering a comprehensive program such as Strategic Marketing Communications. It is one of the best colleges in Ontario and among the best in polytechnic education in Canada.


2. How was your experience as a student at Conestoga College?


My experience as an international student was excellent. I had very professional professors who always taught with respect and empathy, understanding that international students are constantly adapting.


The courses I took were exactly what I was looking for. I solidified my knowledge in editing, digital media marketing, public relations, corporate communication, and events, among many others. As a journalist, I have always sought to be a comprehensive professional and stay ahead. Conestoga College was my starting point to begin a new life in Canada, professionally and personally. It gave me an excellent education, support, and the necessary resources to integrate into Canadian society and the job market.


3. Since you graduated, what has been your job search experience like?


It is essential to make it clear that each experience is unique. I have five years of work experience in my home country, and I have accumulated three years of Canadian work experience. As I continue to grow professionally, I realize that learning never ends.


My job search experience in Canada did not start when I graduated. I started working part-time at Conestoga College as a Social Media Ambassador in the International Media Department. Additionally, I had the wonderful opportunity to work part-time off-campus as an Events Assistant at a company that promotes diversity and inclusion in Canada, based in Toronto.


Upon graduating, I faced the challenges of job searching as a recent graduate. Here, things change: the demand is higher. I have learned something significant in this process: prepare myself well for the job interviews and improve my English skills (especially in my field, which is communications and marketing).

On this journey, I have had various job experiences as a graduate, such as Communications Coordinator for a real estate company. Currently, I am working as an International Media Content Coordinator in the International Media Department at Conestoga.


My job search experience as a graduate has neither been easy nor difficult. It has been challenging. This is life, a whole of challenges, learning, and growth. I am enjoying this and will continue to do my part to grow further as a professional. This is just the beginning.


4. What advice would you give to prospective and current students about to graduate?


They should consider these points: Dedication, preparation, and resilience.


Furthermore, they should understand that success is subjective and that processes vary. The graduates need to absorb job opportunities like a sponge and learn from their Canadian coworkers. Learning must be constant.