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Discover the Services and Machinery Renewal at the WSP Peru Laboratory

Discover the Services and Machinery Renewal at the WSP Peru Laboratory


José Mendiola, recently designated Head of Laboratory for WSP in Peru, is a civil engineer with more than 24 years of experience developing activities in geotechnical engineering, geotechnical laboratory, and construction management. Below, he gives us a detailed overview of the laboratory's main services and equipment upgrades.


Tell us about WSP

Established in 1885 in New York, USA, WSP has evolved into a leading global consulting, design, and construction management firm with a specialized focus on land, environment, and energy.

With a strong presence in the mining sector, we offer a wide range of services including mining engineering, stability, environmental, water and construction. It also provides expert and continuous advice to its clients, from the initial stages of their projects until the end of their useful life.


Tell us about WSP's laboratory in Peru

WSP's laboratory in Peru, specialized in geotechnics (soils and rocks), concrete, and processes (tailings), has managed to establish itself as a leader in the field of tailings. This is due to its highly qualified human team and cutting-edge machinery. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive service in testing, specially designed to meet the design demands of projects. The extensive experience of its professionals, the modern equipment it employs, the reliability of results in testing methods, and the timely delivery of these results have enabled it to serve demanding clients from the mining, road, and infrastructure sectors.


What are the main services provided by WSP in Peru?

WSP's soil mechanics laboratory offers services such as SUCS classification, one-dimensional consolidation, triaxial testing and permeability measurements. Currently, testing equipment is being renewed, including Bender element cells and triaxial equipment.

In the rock mechanics area, uniaxial compression, triaxial with elastic modulus and direct shear tests are performed. In tailings, we offer services of static and dynamic sedimentation, vacuum and pressure filtration, rheology, column and dewatering tray tests, slurry consolidation with permeability measurement and soil-water characteristic curves. In aggregates, unit weight, abrasion and sand equivalent tests are performed. Finally, in concrete, compressive strength and elastic modulus tests are offered.   

These tests comply with current international industry standards and their application ranges from initial studies to mine operation and closure. In a sector where productivity is key, mining demands field tests such as macrogranulometry, sand cone field density, water replacement and nuclear densimeter, permeability, sclerometry and point loading.

With a focus on quality, innovation and international support, WSP continues to lead in engineering and environmental services for the mining industry.


More information

For more information, we invite you to visit WSP’s website, or contact José Mendiola ([email protected]), Head of Laboratory of WSP Peru S.A.