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Illegal minery: Mining formalization would strength the fight against citizen insecurity

Illegal minery: Mining formalization would strength the fight against citizen insecurity


I believe that a successful formalization plan for artisanal miners would strength the fight against citizen insecurity in the country, the State would have adequate controls in all the process; starting with the concessions and use of explosives, chemicals and other elements.


In my opinion, the State must do a huge effort to formalize all the people who are dedicated to the artisanal mining activity; this would improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the mining sector, essential sector for the development of the country.


The challenge is big, less than 2% of the artisanal miners registered in the “Integral Registry of Mining Formalization” (REINFO) have managed formalize, it allows us to know; First: Who they are, where they operate, where their concessions are, what routes they use, what type of polymetallic material they produce, how much explosives they use; Second: What type of security hey have, if they use weapons, are they professional guards, etc.

This situation of control and legality of artisanal mining activity would certainly contribute to citizen security.


I reiterate, the State has to see how to advance significantly this process; where

informal miners make their concessions opportunities to segment it and hire it. Is necessary a strict control to counter the explosives black market and the indiscriminate use of chemical supplies including treatment plants, a huge work for SUCAMEC, Ministry of Production and the Police Department (PNP); an institution that has to increase its intelligence labor.


That as Director of Grupo Hidalgo we have participated in a long, tedious and expensive formalization process to be able to have the category of Formalized Miner and to be able to operate a mine to extract and produce non-metallic material (sand, crushed stone, affirmed), from this experience I affirm that the formalization law necessarily needs adjustments; it is counterproductive that in Peru there is a first-world regulation for formal mining that accomplish global standards and on the other hand, only with REINFO can you develop mining activity with the risks involved.


Without a doubt, I believe that the process of formalizing artisanal miners will contribute to the national economic growth, would directly and indirectly generate hundreds of thousands of formal jobs, would allow to formulate socioeconomic development plans, tax contributions, also make this mining activity have a socio-environmental focus.