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Mining with Purpose: Integrating Sustainability at Every Step

Mining with Purpose: Integrating Sustainability at Every Step


In this occasion, Simjah Rosenberg, General Manager of Pyramid Metals, will share the perspective of the company he leads on the importance of sustainability in the mining industry. In addition, it will be discussed how the company is leading the way towards a future where the commercialization of metallic minerals and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.


1.What role does sustainability play in your company?

Sustainability is not just a concept but an integral part of our strategy and business model. We believe that a successful company should be responsible not only to its shareholders but also to the environment, communities, and future generations. Sustainability is not just an obligation but an opportunity. By being a sustainable company, we can enhance our reputation and attract clients and partners who value ethics and social responsibility, as well as reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future for all. We are committed to being a sustainable company. We believe that through our actions, we can make a positive difference in the world.


2. How do you ensure that your products come from ethical and responsible sources?

To fulfill this purpose, our company has implemented a due diligence system and a whistleblower channel so that anyone can confidentially report any practices they consider ethically wrong or irresponsible. Additionally, we have a code of ethics that defines our principles and commitments regarding ethics and social responsibility, which is mandatory for all our employees and suppliers. We believe that ethics and social responsibility are fundamental pillars of our business. By implementing these measures, we are contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future for the mining industry and the communities that depend on it.


3. How do you ensure that your company is a socially responsible actor committed to the environment?

We are committed to society and the environment, so we have implemented various strategies and actions such as mineral traceability to ensure the responsible and ethical origin of the materials we commercialize. Similarly, we work together with our suppliers and other actors in the supply chain to promote sustainable and responsible practices throughout the value chain. This includes sharing best practices, developing assessment tools and training, and participating in joint initiatives.


4. What message would you like to convey to other companies about the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility in the mining sector?

As a metallic mineral trading company, we recognize the responsibility we share with the mining sector as a whole to promote sustainable and environmentally responsible practices because our position in the supply chain gives us a unique opportunity to influence industry practices and contribute to a more sustainable future. Therefore, we call on all companies in the mining sector to adopt an approach committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, prioritizing traceability and responsible sourcing of minerals, as well as implementing sustainable mining practices and collaborating with local communities. Together, we can make a difference.