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SGS Peru: Accurate, Relevant and Timely Information for Effective Decisions in the Mining Sector

SGS Peru: Accurate, Relevant and Timely Information for Effective Decisions in the Mining Sector


Gianfranco Martinelli, Natural Resources Manager at SGS Peru, a leading company in laboratory testing, explains the plans with which the aforementioned area hopes to grow from the services it provides to the mining sector, which it serves throughout its entire production chain, from exploration to export.  


1. What are the key factors that will contribute to the growth of the Natural Resources area this year?

This year we seek to consolidate ourselves as a regional hub for the service of geochemical analysis. In addition to Peru, we are also serving the markets of Ecuador, Argentina, and Colombia, both for greenfield and brownfield projects. We have also reorganized our processes, which has allowed us to improve our response times. Today, we can report chemical analyses in 14 days or less, a time 65% shorter than what is offered on the market. We are also expanding and diversifying our on-site laboratory service. And we expect to grow with our metallurgical testing service based on the progress of the projects that the Government has announced.


2. How have you enhanced your laboratory area? on-site?


We have opted for diversification, with new formats and a broader portfolio of services. Last year, we inaugurated the operation of a coal analysis laboratory in Trujillo as part of a strategic alliance with Trafigura. In addition, in the first quarter of this year we have won three tenders for Las Bambas and Toromocho, which will allow us to grow by 15% in this area this year. The main advantage of on-site laboratories is, once again, speed. In commercial labs, it takes 5 to 7 days to get test results. In an on-site laboratory It takes between 12 and 24 hours on average. They are ideal for mining companies that must process more than 30,000 tons of ore in the case of copper projects and more than 2,000 tons in the case of polymetallic projects.


3. What are the challenges facing mining today and how does SGS help the industry address them?


We are in a scenario in which mining companies need to be very efficient and therefore very effective in decision-making. Our commitment is to provide you with reliable, relevant and timely information, in the shortest possible time. In exploration, there are limitations on drilling permits, so analyses must be of the highest quality. In production, in a context of lower grades, ore characterization is key for companies to have timely information and to be able to choose the metallurgical process that can optimize production and achieve efficiencies. Also, in the marketing of concentrates We strengthen the relationships of trust between mining companies and Traders with your customers. We have the advantage that our brand is recognized worldwide.


4. What actions have they taken to meet their value proposition?


For geochemical analysis, we have leveraged our SGS Analytics platform, which has allowed us, as I mentioned, to reduce our time to results. Last year, we invested one million soles in the implementation of a DRX laboratory. In addition, we follow accredited methodologies and have the highest standards to ensure accuracy and responsiveness, but for this what makes the most difference is our people.