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Securing a sustainable future empowered by technology, through pipeline integrity

Securing a sustainable future empowered by technology, through pipeline integrity


Mining faces unique challenges that require equally unique solutions, particularly in the field of pipeline integrity. ROSEN Group, a leader and critical partner for optimal asset performance with over 40 years of experience in Oil & Gas, applies its innovation in the Peruvian mining industry to address these challenges. We explore with Eduardo Soria, VP of Execution at ROSEN South America, how advanced technologies are changing the landscape in pipeline integrity management.


1. What are the main challenges in inspecting pipelines in the mining industry and how does ROSEN address them?

The mining industry poses specific challenges to both your assets and maintenance equipment. Extremely abrasive product, low flow rates, very high temperatures, and pipelines that typically were not designed to ever be inspected, are only a few. We support the mining industry with a wide range of mining solutions made to overcome even the most demanding challenges – from proactive care of slurry pipelines to inspection solutions.

Additionally, inspection tools, designed for oil and gas, suffer accelerated wear due to the accumulation of solids. Therefore, high-resistance materials and specific cleaning campaigns are required.

Using autonomous inspection tools, known as "Instrumented Pigs," ROSEN collects data through various advanced technologies, targeting specific anomalies that threaten operation. These tools provide precise information about the route, damage, and defects in the pipelines, including corrosion, cracks, erosion, dents, and manufacturing defects.

The result of these inspections is a detailed integrity report on the anomalies in each pipe, allowing the operator to optimize maintenance plans to ensure safe and reliable operations.


2. How has ROSEN adapted its Oil & Gas experience to the specific needs of mining?

We leverage our more than 40 years of experience to develop solutions that meet international standards and fit the peculiarities of mining. This includes adapting our tools to handle the abrasive characteristics of mineral slurry and mining operating conditions.

We have ensured that our clients can make the most of their assets' potential. Our passion for innovation drives us to develop cutting-edge technological solutions that provide deep insights, extend asset life, and optimize performance. Our extensive experience in various technological fields, combined with advanced digital and AI capabilities, ensures the best decisions for unique needs. We not only offer solutions, but also build trusting relationships to maximize asset value.


3. What results have you seen with the implementation of your technologies in South America?

We have over 25 years of experience in South America, contributing to the safety and sustainability of the region and withing the mining industry in Brazil, Chile, and now in Peru.

In Brazil, we have inspected 90% of the mining pipeline network in the last 20 years, totaling 37,000 kilometers. We have also conducted tests even under simulated conditions with Chilean miners, achieving remarkable results.


4. Looking to the future, what innovations can ROSEN clients expect?

We will continue to integrate advanced technologies, such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, to offer even more robust and effective solutions in pipeline integrity management. We are committed not only to meeting but exceeding our clients' expectations.